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OnlyFans Banned Word Checker

Last updated: 23/2/24

This tool is designed to assist content creators in moderating their text-based content for compliance with the terms and conditions of platforms like OnlyFans. By searching input text for specific words that are banned from use on OnlyFans, it aims to make it easier for creators to ensure their content adheres to the platform’s guidelines.

This tool is not affiliated with OnlyFans in any way. The utility is provided to aid creators in their content moderation efforts, but it should be used in conjunction with the user’s own discretion. While it can help identify certain words that might violate terms and conditions, reliance solely on this tool is not advisable for ensuring complete compliance. Content creators are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the most current and comprehensive guidelines directly from OnlyFans or any other platform they use, as this tool does not guarantee adherence to those guidelines.

Onlyfans Banned Word Checker


You can play a crucial role in enhancing the effectiveness of this tool by submitting your suggestions for banned words to be tested and potentially added to the database. If you’ve come across words or phrases that you believe should be included in the tool’s database, your contributions are highly welcomed and valued.

Please enter your suggestions within quotation marks and seperated by commas, for example: bannedword1 , bannedword2