In July 2022 I grasped the nettles and booked a session with the Gynarchy Goddess Serena! (P.s. Long,
Long, Long-desired!)

Arriving to session early (prior session preparation)
As per usual I arrived at my session super early, I parked up on the road, listened to affirmations, and
practiced Pranayama! I felt that my mind was in a serene state, and I was ready to embark on a new
kinky journey with one of the most dignified prodommes in the world.

Meeting Goddess Serena
At the agreed time, I knocked on the front door, Goddess Serena opened the door, and I was greeted
with an amiable smile. She was tall with a striking physique. For a second, I felt like a timid boy again,
although I tried to keep one’s cool, and display confidence. Now do not take this the wrong way, the
images of Goddess Serena online are stunningly beautiful. However, I should like to emphasise that
Goddess Serena is so much more beautiful in person, and I say that without exaggerating! She is among
the most beautiful women in all universes in existence.

The Oubliette
Question? Have you ever walked into a place and instantly felt good vibrations? Well that is exactly how
The Oubliette made me feel. It was quite different to all the other playspaces/studios/dungeons I visited
previously. The Oubliette had a homely feel with a kinky element to it, of course! It really is such a
gorgeous space – tastefully designed, beautifully furnished with the most up-to-date kinky necessities.

Prior session talk
Before getting down to play, we had a little chat. It was a great way to get to know each other better.
She explained to me that she doesn’t plan her sessions. Alternatively, she has ideas, she’ll roll with it,
and let the session naturally go in the direction determined on one’s body language, and what is working

Game instructions
Okie-dokies! First things first. Goddess Serena instructed me to remove my clothes, followed by kneeling
in front of her throne. As I knelt before the Goddess, I could feel my heart pounding. She said something

along the lines of, “we are going to play a game. I am going to blindfold you, and you will pick out four
pieces of paper out of my bag. I will then unblinfold you, and you will be given thirty seconds to
memorize the numbers.” So, as instructed, I did just that. I memorized all four numbers like my life
depended on it. She also expressed that I will give the numbers to her when asked for, and I will be in
deep trouble if I tried to cheat her.

The Games begin
Task 1 – Magic wand edging
Goddess Serena puts restraints around my wrists, ankles and waist – I was held securely in place on The
X-cross. I felt beautifully helpless. She brought out the magic wand, which led to some serious edging –
pressing it firmly against the tip and shaft of my cock, each time I felt like I was going to jissom, she’d
pull away, and repeated the process all over again. I felt like my cock was a ticking time bomb waiting to
detonate at any given moment. When she insisted that I give her the first number, I gave it up without a
second thought. She must have thought, “hmm… Well that was a friggin’ cakewalk. For the record, the
first number was 9.

Task 2 – Magic wand edging plus butt plug insertion
The second task consisted of being restrained in another submissive position. This time around I was
instructed to lie on my back, and to bring my bottom as close to the edge in a slightly elevated position,
whilst she restraint my ankles to the poles. Goddess Serena inserted a metal butt plug into my back
door. And persisted with further tease and denial. On this one, she pressed her magical wand against my
butt plug, moving it slowly, firmly, and gradually up and down my shaft. The repetitive movement was
driving me nuts, I felt like I was going to spooge all over the friggin’ place, I was breathing heavily, with
an adrenaline rush. Once again, Goddess Serena insisted on the importance of giving her the second
number. I gave it up at once, in the manner of how I gave up my freedom to her. Now she must be
thinking, “okay, this guy is boring as fuck!” For the sake of information the number was 7.

Task 3 – Over The Knee Spanking
Come on now, kinky ones! We all know what a good ol’ spanking consists of, right? Without further
explanation, I was given a good old-fashioned bare bottom spanking for multiple rounds. When asked to
reveal the third number, yet again, I gave it up without any thought. And because I gave it up so quickly,
for that reason alone, the Gynarchy Goddess gave me an additional good ol’ bare bottom spanking for
being such a namby-pamby! For informational purposes the number was 1.

My Game Plan
Dear Kinky Ones! I got a confession to make. From the get-go I had a kinky plan of action. Would you like
to hear it? Hokiedokie! Here it is, from the beginning I conjured up an image of giving up all 3 numbers

at the earliest opportunity, provided that I hold on to the last number right up to the last minute. I
know, right? In plain english, going forward, no matter what happens, no matter what Goddess Serena
does to me, I made a pact with myself that I will hold on to that final number with all my mental
strength right down to the bitter end. The question is, can I pull through this? Well there’s only one way
to find out, aye? In the meantime, may prayers be with Podopheleus ��

Task 4 – Face Fucking
Goddess Serena observed that I had a loose tongue, and formulated a plan to shut me up by throat
fucking me with my own dildo – “The Vixen Outlaw” learn more about the Gargantuan cock here.
Firstly, Goddess Serena restraint my ankles, whilst I was in a figure four position on the spanking/fuck
bench. Although my arms were left restraint-free! (Gee, I wonder why….!?) Can you guess what happens
next? That’s right, Kinksters! Goddess Serena, fucks my brains out, and in a matter of minutes, I
transform into a red faced, watery-eyed, drooling mess. She even put a bowl underneath me to collect
all my slobber. I know, right? And when she asked for the final number, guess what I did? I shook my
head to say no.

Task 5 – Face Fucking and Pegging
Goddess Serena insisted that I will give her the final number even if she has to fuck it out of me. Firstly,
she secures “The Vixen Outlaw” to the front of the spanking/fuck bench using her harness. Now folks,
surely that’s an A* for creativity, right? So this is the deal, I deep throat The Vixen Outlaw whilst
Goddess Serena fucks the shit out of my bunghole! And that my kinky friends, is exactly how it went
down. Goddess Serena fucked my a-hole so friggin’ hard, I couldn’t help letting out persistent loud
moans. The irrepressible sensations took over my whole body. She continued to fuck me with increased
pressure. She kept stressing the fact that I needed to give her the final number. I just kept shaking my
head despite the fact that I had a large cock down my throat. Talk about multitasking, aye? All joking
aside, I was having a pretty hard time keeping it together.

Task 6 – ��Foot Tease
Heaven only knows how I survived the last task. At that point in time, I was in my own little world. Once
again, I was directed to sit on my knees in front of the throne. She took off her stockings, and I was
reminded that I will only be allowed to worship her feet if I reveal the final number. “No,” I said, shaking
my head. She shoved her stocking into my mouth. I was instantly turned on by the pungent flavour. At
that exact moment, she started stroking my cock with her pretty feet. In all sincerity, I didn’t know how
much longer I could hang in there. She gave me an ultimatum. Here is the deal – I either reveal the
number and be granted the right to worship her divine feet. Additionally, be permitted to cum.
Alternatively, if I don’t play ball, I will be denied an orgasm, or receive a ruined orgasm or face a harsh

punishment. She warned, “I will only ask three more times.” The first two times, I shook my head as if to
say no, no. However, when it came to the third time, before I could think, I said 4.

Task 7 – �� Foot Worship! And finally, ��������
Before I was allowed to worship Goddess Serena’s feet, she checked all four pieces of paper to make
sure that I didn’t try to deceive her. When it turned out to be correct, she gave me permission to
worship her pungent divine feet. I was in transports of delight, it felt euphoric as I put Goddess Serena’s
toes into my mouth, I slowly licked her soft soles. At that point in time, she pressed her magic wand
against the tip of my cock, and left it there until my cock exploded ��������. Her reaction was hilarious
to say the least. She said something along the lines of “well that’s a vast amount of bodily fluids, where
the hell do you store it.”

After session chat
Once the session was over, I had a good ol’ chat with Goddess Serena. She is an engaging person, a
charming woman, it was such a pleasure talking with Serena. I’m filled with gratitude for her kindness
and for her time.

Session Rating
5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Domination style
5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Overall session rating
5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

In summation
I have been visiting prodommes for three and half years now, and this was one of my favourite sessions
EVER. Goddess Serena exceeded all expectations. Provided Goddess Serena grant’s me the privilege to
play with her again, I’d like to build a long term relationship with the Gynarchy Goddess. If our first
session was this freaking good, then I can’t even begin to imagine what the kinky future holds for us.
Once again, thank you Goddess Serena for welcoming me into your kinky space, and for the
astonishingly wondrous experience. You are freaking awesome!

Much Kink Love,
Podopheleus ��