“And what a session it was! Just before arriving at the Oubliette, I had a last-minute browse of Twitter, and spotted Goddess had posted a simple pic of a noose, backed by atmospheric red lighting, with the caption “Ready prisoner?”. I knew immediately that Goddess had rigged this ready for my session. It was a terrifying but exhilarating image of what was about to happen ….

What was I going into?

The time arrived and I nervously knocked on the door of the Oubliette.

When Goddess opened the door, I was stunned by Her appearance. I’d met Her before, and obviously seen countless pics and videos but in the flesh. She really is very tall and intimidating! She was literally breathtaking. Her outfit couldn’t have looked any more powerful and sexy. She adourned a short black leather skirt, tight black bodace, shiny hat and stunning Wolford nylons, showing off Her incredible long shapely legs. I was paralysed on first sight of Her and She made it instantly known there would be no easy introduction… it was straight in with me stripping and Her giving me my orders. Bruefly looking around The Oubliette again immediately brought back a wonderful feeling. It’s a beautiful clean & safe space of dreams and desires. Then seeing the noose rig and box underneath, along with the atmospheric music, was truly dark and scary. What was I actually in for? I daren’t break any rules or else! The combination of this rig and seeing Goddess (with my obvious attraction to Her) sent my adrenaline to the max (I was involuntarily shaking and breathing heavily throughout the session). I couldn’t take my eyes off Her incredible shapely legs at any opportunity. To be honest, I was on the ‘edge’ from the very begining, without the actual edging which came later… I think I was dribbling from then on… I’d specified that I’d aim not to cum at all during the session… (I’ll admit, I’d not cum for 10 days in the run-up to this session, so I knew it wasn’t going to be easy – in fact, I really didn’t think I was going to be able to manage it).

Goddess proceeded to chain my wrists and ankles securely into joined heavy metal shackles. I was certainly going nowhere from that moment on. She then made me lay down on my back, where I had an amazing view of Her legs. She then threw some worn nylons onto my face, knowing how much I love Her Wolfords. To my utter delight She then started smothering me with Her incrediblly gorgeous derriere and crotch… I was in absolute heaven (and hell – being so tantalisingly close to Her most intimate areas through the nylons)… Things were feeling just so intense at this stage… She sat with full weight on my face and took away my breath several times, for increasing amounts of time, up to 50 seconds I believe…I have to say, I probably could have gone a bit longer, better safe than sorry, as this was a first for me so I’d never been tested before. Goddess judged the intervals perfectly, showing Her experience. That whole section was just incredible – Her having the ultimate control over my valuable breath! Goddess then ordered me over the caning bench and proceeded to strap me down, very firmly, and briskly, whilst informing me of my upcoming fate. She took a few air swipes with her cane. I twitched and squirmed. I was apprehensive about the caning. Although I requested a caning (this was always my main femdom interest before I ever sessioned), I’ve come to realise they actually bloody hurt, and although I love and crave the idea so often, when I’m imminently facing the cane, I often question myself as to why I’d requested this. However, it was now inevitable and seeing Her legs nearby gave me a focus… when the first few strokes landed, I must admit I was a little taken aback by how intensely they stung… how would I get through many more? Goddess threatened me that I must take them all to avoid the dire consequences… even though this was roleplay, there were times my head was living it for real, I told myself I had to comply if I wanted to live! I also had to just take the to suffer for Her pleasure. I had to focus on keeping the bitey stick in my mouth, and had to continue admiring Her gorgeous legs whilst the punishment continued, knowing I simply had to endure whatever She wanted to inflict on me. I yelled and strained against my straps significantly at times. I think not having a set number makes things even harder, not knowing exactly how much more pain has to be endured. Nevertheless, having this pain inflicted by such a beautiful Goddess continued to keep me hard and leaking throughout. I was relieved when the caning finally ended, after perhaps 60 or 70 very hard strokes, with my bottom well and truly striped with deep red welts. I literally couldn’t have taken more at that stage. Next, Goddess ordered me onto the box below the noose. This was unbelievably terrifying as well as mind blowing. Despite having long term fantasies about nooses, I’d never actually been put into a noose before. The box I was standing on did feel a little flimsy for my weight, which added to the ‘terror rush’. When She positioned the noose over my head, I couldn’t quite believe I’d finally reached this point – an ambition for as long as I can remember. Goddess pulled the noose reasonably tightly around my neck (adding a sense of realism) and tied the rope off to something. I could feel that I was being held up quite firmly by this noose. Here I was, standing up on a flimsy platform, with what felt like a real noose, tightly around my neck. (I’m confident Goddess had me rigged safely in case there were any slippages, but I wasn’t thinking about it at that point). Could this really be happening? With Goddess standing just before me, a perfect vision of beauty and desire. I felt a real intense wave of some kind of ecstaty in that moment… I think I would genuinely have died a happy man at that point. Goddess then placed a woven sack over my head, I caught Her smile just as She were doing it, hoping She was enjoying seeing me strung up there utterly vulnerable. And that was how I felt – totally vulnerable and at Her mercy, an insanely good feeling! Thankfully, I could still see just enough through the sack… I could still see Her outline. However, the sack certainly added an element of me being just a faceless naked male stood on Her gallows. Then Goddess started to edge me with the vibe gizmo.. I’d experienced this once before and last time, it made me cum… Surely, this was going to be inevitable.. The position I’m in, seeing Her beside me (just about), and having my already aroused cock overly stimulated like this! I didn’t want to disappoint Her, and also tried to believe the roleplay, that failing WOULD result in my demise, so therefore I had to try absolutely everything not to cum. I must admit, there were at least a couple of occasions when I was within seconds of exploding, but Goddess once again showed Her experience by tantalisingly stopping at the perfect moment. One of the occasions, my legs actually went numb, which could’ve been a real problem for me, but I managed to regain enough compusure to continue. It would have been easy to let go and wonderful for those few seconds, but in a way, I didn’t want that – the intense high of tease and torment would’ve weakened, and I didn’t want that. I had to focus carefully on my breathing and do everything to keep control.

I’d been ordered not to speak at all, yet during the time in the noose, I answered Her questions, twice! Each one resulted in 2 hard lashes of the cane. I had to make sure I didn’t wobble off the stool of course – what a predicament, which is of course what Goddess loves. These lashes stung just enough to further take the edge off my cock. When Goddess finally finished edging me, and I somehow succeeded in not cumming, She then allowed me a reward, to lay on the floor in front of Her throne so that I could kiss Her beautiful nylon feet. Sucking and tasting Her feet is certainly extremely errotic and satisfying, which I enjoyed so much. I also immensely enjoyed massaging Her feet, they’re just so beautiful and erotic. One more gorgeous face sit too – I genuinely could have stayed in that position all day, but knowing I’d never have access to this out of reach Goddess. Then finally the session ended and I was as high as a kite, intoxicated by Goddess. It was time for a much appreciated bottle of water and to get myself dressed. Giving me a pair of Her used Wolfords was a very special gesture and I will always treasure them and remember fondly this session. So Wow, what a session. I must say honestly, my best, most intense session EVER! Goddess included everything I wanted and worked so hard and thoughtfully in putting everything together. I appreciate it can’t be easy deciphering a clients requirements and putting them into reality, but Goddess certainly did it for me perfectly. Goddess is obviously the most attractive Domme imaginable, but also extremely creative, highly professional and very experienced, always getting the balance perfect. I absolutely adore Goddess Serena. She’s a wonderful human and also truly divine. I can’t thank Her enough for this session and all that She does! Xxx”