“My name is Goddess Serena, and I am the Co-founder of Oubliette Films.”

Q: How did you get into Femdom?

I got into femdom rather innocently, probably… well most definitely before I ever knew what
femdom really was. So I was probably around the age of 16, maybe 15, and I was at collage, and I
had developed a secret fling with one of the fellow students, who I won’t name just in case. I
decided for some reason, which I now understand of course, that I had an insatiable need to express
my power over him. And so, one day, we were all in the foyer, all of the students, including me and
him, and I decided to make him secretly lick my leather flip flops clean. I think that is how I got into
femdom, really
Other than that, how I learned what femdom was and what it meant as a lifestyle I have to give full
credit to my mother. I always grew up in a femdom household, I didn’t always know it, but it didn’t
take long for me to learn exactly what it was. When I was of the right age such things, it suddenly
became very clear after a brief conversation with my mother (Mistress Paris) that the reason there
were all these men magically around our house, doing our chores, chauffeuring us, buying us things,
taking us places, doing jobs in the house, doing anything we wanted was because my mother was a
dominatrix. That obviously made complete sense when I learned it and, yes, that’s how officially I
got into femdom, through my mother. But those inclinations and desires to control have always
been there way before I even knew what femdom meant.

Q: What does Femdom mean to you?
“To me, Femdom is the natural order of things. I am an avid enthusiast of ancient history and
anthropology. I take a lot of time to enjoy reading and researching about those topics. And through
my research I have come to very clearly see that matriarchal societies are the very root of our
humanity and that women hold within them an innate power and magic, and it is only natural and
inevitable that this power should display itself in the world, and I think, like many things, it is due to
repeat itself.”

Q: What are your favourite kinks?
“I’m asked this question a lot, as are a lot of Dommes. And it’s a difficult one sometimes because for
me the enjoyment I have, that I get from femdom and BDSM isn’t always through the physical act
that comes with it. For me the enjoyment of femdom and BDSM has always been a very mental
thing. For me it is about power exchange more than anything, for example there is nothing more
that I love than having a slave blindfolded and I can see their bodies shaking and quivering as they
hear my footsteps across the dungeon floor, or I put my hand on their chest and I can hear their
heart is beating, their breath is rattling. For me, that is my drug, nothing compares to it.
But if I had to choose, definitely predicament bondage. I absolutely adore predicament bondage,
understandably, because of the power exchange. I seem to have a real desire to be both the Alpha
and Omega of the lives of my slaves. I live to be able to balance my desire to be both benevolent and
malevolent and I can decide when those scales tip and in which direction, and for how long and why.
So definitely predicament bondage, second I would say Shibari and rope bondage, which is a rather
new thing for me. I’ve only been getting into for the past few years, but it is something I really enjoy.
There is something about the smell and feel of a natural rope and it’s almost like poetry to me, to
take that time to really, slowly engage with a slave’s body, to slowly and tightly bind them in those
ropes. The smell, the feeling, the submission, the trust, everything about it works for me, and of course it is also just beautiful and it allows me to be very creative, which is something I love to be
able to do.
Other than that, I would say I really enjoy corporal punishment scenes. I think that they are so
versatile and the mental domination I can employ during corporal domination scenes, instantly make
them a fast favourite for me.”

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?
“In my spare time I like to live a nice slow and peaceful time. I like to take pleasure in the small things,
I like to eat good food, I like reading, I like watching good films and listening to great, music. I love
the theatre, I love film, anything artistic and creative is naturally where my mind wanders off to
when it’s not preoccupied with other things.”

Q: Do you have a favourite unforgettable Femdom moment?
“I’m sure I have many, I have been in this industry for nearly 10 years now, and of course I’ve had so
many amazing experiences. But, unfortunately, when your life is composed of amazing moments
sometimes it can be difficult to recall all of them.
There are a few bits that come to mind, and the first one would be something that happened not too
long ago actually, it happened last year during filming and it was just one of those wonderful
serendipitous moments that was not planned, it could never have been planned, if it was planned it
would have failed, but it happened and the absolute enjoyment, the full belly laugh that I got from it,
it wasn’t fake. And that was with slave H, as I’m sure he will remember, I had him up in a
predicament bondage situation where he had his legs spread and his arms up, attached to chains,
and I had him locked to those chains with 2 timed padlocks. Now, I had pre-set these padlocks, one
for 7 minutes, and then it would open, and the other was for 12minutes, and then it would open,
you know just to make thing a bit awkward for him, it’s predicament bondage, it’s fun. So all he had
to do was click the button, set the timer, I though “that’s a pretty easy thing to do, who could mess
that up?” What he DID do was press a button, yes, but a button on the side, and he must have
pressed the button a few times because he set the timers to lock for 2 HOURS. So, what could I do? I
mean, yes, I probably could have unlocked them, but it’s just too perfect, isn’t it? He managed to
lock himself in the most awful, stressful predicament bondage situation, and do so for 2 hours, so
there he was for 2 hours. It was just too funny and too perfect, and of course he had to endure those
2 hours because he’s and idiot and he deserved it.
Other than that, there was a really, really lovely moment when I had a “fly-me-to-you” session in
Paris and I took the day to visit the Louvre. It was very, very dusty that day and I was wearing
beautiful leather boots, thigh high leather boots, and they were absolutely covered in dust from the
walk so my lovely slave got down on his knees and place my foot up on his knee, and right there in
front of the Louvre, in front of all the beautiful Parisians, he cleaned my boot for me. He removed all
the dust and gave it a nice kiss, and I think that was just a beautiful moment.”

Q: Do you have a Femdom fantasy you’re yet to experience?

“Yes, whether it’s, I’m sure it is in the realm of possibility, it’s perhaps not entirely…justifiable? We’ll see.
My biggest femdom fantasy is to be relaxing, in a temple (and I did say fantasy, we are in the realm
of fantasy here); relaxing in my own temple on a nice chaise lounge, surrounded by eunuch slaves
fanning me, feeding me grapes, massaging my feet, looking after me. That is my femdom fantasy.”

Q: What do you like to wear most during play-time?
“Most of my slave will already know that I have a huge nylon fetish, I absolutely adore nylon. I love
how it feels, how it looks, everything about it. I also love it because it’s so very versatile, and
something that is very easy to wear, something that’s easy to move in, and to play in. Some fetish
clothing can be very restrictive, beautiful but restrictive, and I really do like to get fully involved in
my scenes and in my playtime, so something that can afford movement is always good for me; so
nylon is definitely on the list for that.
And I also love leather, leather and nylon are my two biggest material fetishes, and again I love the
smell of leather, the feel of leather, it feels luxurious and beautiful, and everything about it. As soon
as I put leather on it makes me feel powerful, and of course it is also a classic, very traditional
Mistress look, and that’s great.”

Q: How would you describe your domination style in three words?

“That’s difficult. I would say: creative, disarming and intelligent.”