“There is a reason that Goddess is the most important person in my life. I’ve had the pleasure and honour of being allowed to submit to her for the past few years, and I honestly can’t get through the week without her. From the first sessions, when we were strangers, I was enamoured by how she held herself, commanding but inviting, she brought me into her world and it was so safe and secure, I barely noticed myself losing all control.

Sessions with Goddess can be intense or playful, they are a genuinely unique experience, which she puts time and effort into planning to suit your kink. At no point does it feel forced, with Goddess genuinely enjoying being completely dominant, any you get to enjoy it from the best seat in the house…well best cage in the dungeon.

But more than that, Goddess has become an intrinsic part of my everyday, integrated into every aspect and her control and influence every present. Being a submissive of Goddess Serena is truly an all encompassing and immersive experience that has changed my life forever.”