“Before I start this testimonial it is very important for everyone to know that I have been visiting Mistress’ for over 30 years and I have served numerous Mistress’ including some quite well known Dommes.

I first saw Goddess Serena on the Femme Fatale website and decided, more in hope, to apply to have a session with her. I filled in the application form and waited. Within 24 hours I’d received a reply from Goddess and a session was organised. Before the session, as requested, I let Goddess know my likes and limits to help her plan the session.

As with most first sessions I was nervous as I arrived at The Oubliette, opening the gate and walking towards the door. A big deep breath and the doorbell was rung. I heard the door unlock and then it opened and there was Goddess, my heart stopped and my mouth metaphorically hit the floor as there stood the most stunning and beautiful Dominatrix you could ever imagine, she welcomed me in with a warm smile and took me in to the dungeon. I was told to undress immediately and then Goddess informed me of her rules in the dungeon, as she put a collar around my neck to begin the session. I’m not going to go in to detail regarding the session as I believe that to be personal and private. However one hour later of pure heaven the session ended. There was no rush for me to leave as Goddess wanted to ensure I was fine before she took me to the door and we said goodbye.

I left The Oubliette on an absolute high and sat in my car wondering if the last hour had actually happened!! The session was just incredible. In all my times visiting Domme’s I had never had a session where at some point I felt Goddess Serena was actually reading my mind! The experience I had was mind blowing and just everything about Goddess did was perfect. Once I was ready to drive home it dawned on me that Goddess had obviously read my mails, understood what I wanted from a session and delivered it impeccably. Her attention to detail and obviously her preparation for the session was just unbelievable and that made my first session just perfect. I just could not wait to get home to organise my second visit!

My second session followed not long after my first session as I was so keen to serve Goddess again. I was apprehensive as I wondered how Goddess could ever better our first session, but how wrong was I! Yet again the hour passed so quickly with Goddess pushing me a little further than our first session. Her skill at taking me to another level within the session was awesome. It was just amazing and again I left The Oubliette wanting more and more…

Roxy’s journey started on my third session when Goddess decided to fully make me up! I had dressed before but not for a long time but was happy for Goddess Serena to transform me. Her make up skills were incredible and by the time she had finished I could not recognise the male that had arrived earlier!! The session was again fabulous with Goddess again pushing my limits but never taking it too far. The skill of a great Domme is to know and understand your limits but taking you further on each session and trust me Goddess Serena is a very skilled Dominatrix.

Following this session Goddess decided to name me Roxy and so Roxy was created to serve Goddess Serena.

Roxy has continued to serve Goddess Serena on numerous occasions and I have now become the property of Goddess, which is such an honour for me. To finally find a Domme, after all these years, that has allowed me to build up a true D/s relationship has been beyond my wildest dreams, when I think back to the first time I saw her on a Monday lunchtime in September.

Her sessions are so special and so well thought out with detailed preparation, something in my experience that does not happen with every Domme. 

A crucial part of visiting a Domme is trust and the moment I met Goddess Serena I knew I could trust her and with every session since that trust has never waned . You can almost hand over your body and mind to her.

Goddess Serena is stunningly attractive but she is so much more. She is highly intelligent, very caring and can be exceedingly cruel which all go together to make a fabulous Domme. She works from a fabulous fully equipped dungeon called The Oubliette which just enhances the experience.

Goddess Serena has made me fall back in love with this scene and I cannot thank her enough. Last summer I was prepared to walk away from this scene no matter how hard that was but then one Monday lunchtime my life changed for the better!

You will not regret visiting Goddess if anything it will be a life changing moment! Everything about her is wonderful and she is without doubt a true Goddess in every sense.”