“From the first initial email contact, I found Mistress Serena to be genuinely engaged in planning what for me was quite an elaborate session. I’d asked for 6 hours of predicament bondage, stress positions and Goddess worship. She was professional yet very personal in her planning of the scenes- of which obviously I didn’t want her to reveal the finer details of!

Once the session day arrived she was completely intoxicating in her manner and appearance. She truly is statuesque especially in her heels. She put me at ease- but not too much, creating a very authentic psychological intensity to our time together.

I was completely blown away by what she put me through. Her creativity, her attention to detail and her clear passion for what she was doing with me was absolutely clear for me to feel and see. She takes what she does incredibly seriously, remains very focused and manages the balance between pushing limits with safety and concern for her sub. 

I would say that my time under her was quite possibly the best ever session I’ve had and could dream of having. She introduced me to new things and when things became slightly too much she immediately observed this and brought me out of the scene to give me some much needed breathing space.

She is also a very smart woman who cares deeply for what she does and how she manages her submissives. Wise way beyond her years, anyone who is privileged enough to garner her attention will be in for an incredible mind blowing treat. She is as close to a lifestyle Dominant that I think anyone would find on the pro scene in the sense that this is truly within her and has an incredible work ethic to match.

If you’re looking for a drop dead gorgeous dominant woman who is the real deal in terms of gynarchy and using men for her own pleasures, with an exquisite attention to detail in terms of scenes and safety, Mistress Serena is the one. Be very grateful and appreciative if she accepts you for a session. “

Client Andrew