“I had never booked a session with a goddess before due to being painfully shy but I took a leap and I booked my first session ever with Goddess Serena.

I made her aware at the time of booking that this would be my very first session and that I was a complete novice which she was very considerate of. I was extremely nervous walking up to the front door with butteries in my stomach but once Goddess Serena answered (who looked extremely beautiful and gorgeous) we took a few minutes and she put me at ease straight away with her calming presence and professionalism and after a quick chat the session started.

Goddess Serena ticked everything off of my list and then some. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was that this beautiful and alluring woman was fulfilling fantasies I’ve only dreamt of for years. I was completely under her spell and a part of me I didn’t know existed came out and felt myself immerse into the session even more!

What was great was how amazingly creative Goddess Serena was. All it did was make me strive for more of her and be even more under her control. If you’re thinking about booking a session I would 100% recommend going for it. The session is located in a nice quiet area and Goddess Serena was a true professional from accepting the application all the way through to the end of the session. I will definitely be looking to book another session with her in the future!”