“The 22nd of May 2018, a day I will never forget. Why? it’s the date of my first session with Goddess Serena, and also my first session ever. From the moment Goddess Serena opened the door of the Oubliette, to the moment I left, it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

She is without a doubt the most strikingly beautiful woman I have ever seen, combine this with her commanding presence and aura, confidently self-assured actions and demeanour, and her well-educated intelligence, you have totally intoxicating and alluring Goddess that leaves you weak and desperate to serve and submit to her.

As this was my first session I was obviously very nervous. Goddess was well aware of this and very quickly had me feeling more at ease with a cordial and relaxed start to the session. For the next 2 hrs, Goddess then commanded, guided, coaxed and prompted me through a number of different aspects of FemDom and BDSM, all of which I wanted to try, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed, and all of which were skilfully done.

It is also evident that Goddess Serena loves what she does, a true Domina who takes real pleasure in her work. Goddess Serena also genuinely cares, not only that you enjoy your session and time with her, but also about your well being, always taking the time to inquire throughout the session. This is rare and really does add to things making you want to please her even more. I could not have hoped or wished for a better first time, it was perfect in every way.

I also know that as special as this day was sessions in future will just get better and better. I may not have the honour of calling myself one of Goddess Serena’s owned slaves but I will serve, gift, or tribute no other. I have found my Goddess.

I don’t pretend to speak for more experienced subs and slaves there are other testimonies here that do this eloquently, but if you are a novice like me, there is no Goddess more skilled or better suited to start you on your journey towards true servitude to the superior sex than Goddess Serena. Once you’ve been there will be no going back.”