“Though I’ve had a keen interest in all things BDSM for over 30 years, I only recently found the confidence to book my first real time sessions, which I did with the absolutely gorgeous Gynarchy Goddess Serena!

I’d followed Goddess Serena on Twitter for some time and visited her website many times. I studied all the information on there carefully, before finally gathering the courage to submit my application. When she agreed to see me, I was absolutely thrilled!

I made my way to The Oubliette where Goddess Serena holds her appointments. It’s a fantastic space, very discreet, and has a relaxed and homely feel. It’s also packed with everything Goddess needs to get you exactly where she wants you…

Goddess Serena is incredibly beautiful. At well over 6ft in her high heels, she towered over me and made me feel rather short! Her gorgeous brown eyes and warm welcoming smile made me melt. Be under no illusions though; she is a true and authentic Dominant Goddess and will bring you to her heel with ease, as I’ve found out in my sessions. She has a very calm, collected and firm way of getting you to do exactly what she wants! 

This session, my 2nd with her, was simply the best 3 hours of my life. Goddess began by making me write “I worship Goddess Serena” 10 times whilst she timed me. There was no explanation of why; I was just instructed to do it. As I wrote my lines on the floor, she rested her feet on my back. My mind raced at what might be in store for me! 

Goddess then shackled me to the St Andrews Cross, gagged me, and then tied my body with rope. This was my first experience of Shibari and it was so beautiful; she tied me slowly and deliberately, every knot pulling tighter on my body. I found this quite an intense experience; I loved the gradual and increasing restriction, and my brain was in overdrive wondering what was going to follow. 

Once fully tied, I was then made to shuffle to the torture bed and kneel down beside it. I was instructed to write “I worship Goddess Serena”  again, but this time 5 times in 3 minutes, using my mouth to hold the pen! I tried my best but my efforts became increasingly poor. When Goddess promised to encase me in nylon if I succeeded, it only helped to make my mouth writing even more appalling! This part of the session was so much fun. Goddess Serena clearly enjoys the psychological tease and mind games, and I was putty in her extremely capable hands.

As I failed the task, I was to be spanked 62 times on the bottom and 62 times on the cock; a spank for every character I managed to write!

Now untied, Goddess delivered 31 bare bottom spankings over her stockinged knee. Goddess has a very firm spanking hand, and I concentrated on looking at her gorgeous red painted toes through her sheer black stockings to try and keep myself composed.

I was then asked to kneel on the whipping bench where I was plugged and flogged 31 times to complete my bottom spanking punishment. Goddess then strapped me to the torture bed where she teased me with her nylon feet, stroking my face with them and also stepping on my cock. The sensation was unbelievable. To have my cock punished by her gorgeous feet is one of my biggest fantasies!

Back to the whipping bench, I was then pegged for the first time ever. I was nervous about pegging but Goddess helped to reassure me. She removed my plug, prepared the strap on, and gently eased in to me. 

The sensation was incredible. I’d been curious about pegging for so long, and I really wanted it to happen with her. My body trembled as she gently thrust her hips in to me, increasing the intensity as I settled in to it.

Goddess then decided I could go up a size! I was nervous again but wanted to try, both for me and to please her. Bigger strap on prepared, she entered me again, and promised a reward if I could take her whole cock all the way in! 

She placed her foot on my back to pin me in place as she thrust deep inside me. By this point I was essentially a floating, trembling, gibbering mess of a sub, and had to compose myself once unleashed from the whipping bench. I was so, so happy for her to have taken my anal cherry; something I will never forget!

It was time for my cock spanking punishment. Goddess found it appropriate to deliver half of the 62 cock spankings with a long shoe horn! This soon got me squirming and we were both laughing as my voice got higher and higher, particularly when one of my balls took a hit!

She delivered the remaining cock spanks with her hand, resting her feet on my chest, and I rather cheekily took the opportunity to stroke them to help calm me. Her feet were a tonic for a footboy like me, as I feel like I’d take anything just to be close to them!

As a reward for taking my pegging, Goddess said I’d earned worshipping her gorgeous bare feet. As a total foot slut, this was absolutely brain scrambling for me. Laying on the floor, looking up at Goddess Serena’s stunningly beautiful face as she rubbed her feet all over me was absolutely incredible. She plunged her toes in to my mouth and I licked and sucked them, whilst she teased me by wiggling the toes of her other foot just above my face. She also teased my battered cock with her feet and toes which was too much for me! I was in absolute heaven and told Goddess that I never ever wanted it to stop!

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and the 3 hours went by so quickly. I had requested aftercare and enjoyed a lovely latte and a chat whilst I waited for the floaty subspace to subside. Be in no doubt; her dominance is totally authentic and natural, and she wants her subs to work hard for her, but she is also super friendly with a fantastic sense of humour and is absolutely lovely to chat with. 

I’m incredibly grateful, humbled and privileged to have been allowed in to Goddess Serena’s world. To spend time with her is incredible, such is her personality, imagination and energy. 

After my first session with Goddess Serena, I said that I was entirely entangled in her web. I’m now entirely cocooned in her silken yet steel like grasp, and I’m slowly being devoured by her. It’s everything I ever wanted and it’s utterly beautiful, as is she!

I guess you can tell that I’m pretty enamoured of Goddess Serena and would highly recommend spending some time with her. She is a true Goddess, and if you approach her as such, you’ll be fine. “