“I was both excited and nervous about seeing Goddess Serena.  I hadn’t had a session in 8 years and wondered whether I had it in me.

What were my first impressions when you opened the door?  Oh my, Goddess, you’re beautiful, incredibly beautiful.  I knew this from your photos of course but It’s so more than just how you look, it’s how you move: elegantly and gracefully, how you smile: friendly but knowingly, how you put me at ease before the session but then as you tower over me in your high heeled boots you gently push me into my subspace and then treat me to one of the most incredible and intense experiences of my life.

I thought of describing you as an artist, Goddess, but I think musician would be more appropriate.  Our session was like a symphony you composed; comprised of four movements and each with it’s own distinct theme.  It was a virtuoso performance, as you played my body and my mind unleashing powerful feelings and emotions; pleasure and pain, ecstasy and agony, joy and anguish.  Each element of the session you introduced raised those sensations up a level, reaching a crescendo that I could barely withstand before you granted me a few moments of respite, allowing me to bask in my submission before building once more. Yet it seemed so natural to you, Goddess, like all the best performances.  My body responded to your rhythm, vibrating and resonating like a violin string.

As I recollect that incredible time, Goddess, I have a wide smile on my face and a tingling on my skin.  I’m dearly looking forward to the next time I have the joy of seeing you again, Goddess.”