I first discovered Goddess Serena on Instagram and I was immediately taken by her striking beauty and gorgeous red lips (I have a fetish for lipstick so I was hooked instantly). Not long after that I joined Goddess’s fan site and loved what I saw, the great photos, the great clips and then there was the slave tasks.

I thought I’d try them and after a short while I was hooked and I found myself looking forward to the days there was a task to see what Goddess’s wonderful mind had come up with. After a short while Goddess discovered my lipstick fetish. she then advised me that every time I completed her tasks I have to have my lips painted in her honour, which I do (this is where my nickname came from).

I did an online text session with Goddess which was great but after a while I decided I had to have a session in person with Goddess, I was nervous and excited and booked it. When the day finally came I turned up rang the bell, Goddess opened the door and I was speechless, she is even more stunning in real life than in pictures. There she was in a red latex outfit, with black nylons and gorgeous black boots as well as very glossy red lips which I was completely mesmerized by.

I also had red lips in Goddess’s honour. I was nervous and excited at the same time and Goddess put me at ease almost instantly. The session was everything I hoped for and more. She was in control and I was at her mercy and I loved every second of it, I think I amused Goddess she has the most infectious laugh. Goddess made my day I was grinning all the way home on my 2hr journey. I will definitely be booking another session, I know Goddess already has some ideas and I am very happy to explore them with her. I am totally hooked.