“After a number of months of research, I was finally at the Oubliette being greeted by the enchanting Goddess Serena.  As I later expressed once I regained a modicum of composure, her pictures do not do her beauty justice.

The Goddess exudes class and confidence, which alleviated my remaining fears and trepidation.  She is intoxicating, her grace, poise and assured demeanour resulted in my willing surrender to her domination for the remainder of the session.

The session itself was truly wonderful and exhilarating, delivered by a consummate professional.  Though I will not elaborate on the session content, I am happy to say that the Goddess Serena had gone to great lengths to incorporate elements we had previously discussed and a number of my kinks to create something unique and personal that far exceeded my wildest dreams – throughout which I felt certain that I was in safe hands.

As I left that first session, a little less vanilla, still trying to come to terms with what I had just experienced and somewhat speechless, the Goddess Serena said the words that gave me such joy “I would be happy to see you again.”

I often think back on that first session and feel immensely fortunate to have spent time in the company of one so captivating.  I hope through continued servitude that I can fully convey my appreciation and prove myself worthy of her time and efforts.”