gynarchy goddess

Sophisticated, Refined & Elegant Female Domination


“I couldn’t believe how lucky I was”

 "I had never booked a session with a goddess before due to being painfully shy but I took a leap and I booked my first session ever with Goddess Serena. I made her aware at the time of booking that this would be my very first session and that I was a complete novice...

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"Having plucked up the courage to finally arrange a session with the beautiful Goddess Serena, which began with a few brief emails detailing session interests and arranging a time, I knew I had made the right choice, quick email responses and detailed information on...

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“I have found my Goddess”

"The 22nd of May 2018, a day I will never forget. Why? it's the date of my first session with Goddess Serena, and also my first session ever. From the moment Goddess Serena opened the door of the Oubliette, to the moment I left, it was one of the most incredible...

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And now I see with eye serene
The very pulse of the machine;
A being breathing thoughtful breath,
A traveller between life and death:
The reason firm, the temperate will,
Endurance, foresight, strength, and skill;
A perfect Woman, nobly plann’d
To warn, to comfort, and command;
And yet a Spirit still, and bright
With something of an angel light.

― William Wordsworth