“Having plucked up the courage to finally arrange a session with the beautiful Goddess Serena, which began with a few brief emails detailing session interests and arranging a time, I knew I had made the right choice, quick email responses and detailed information on the steps required to confirm a booking were all very clear and left me feeling assured of my session ahead.

On arrival at her premises, which is very discreet and well laid out, I was instantly taken aback by her stunning beauty and natural, domineering presence, which instantly sent me into a feeling of complete submission and ready to follow all her orders.

As previously mentioned, I had communicated my interests and had booked an extended session to fully experience true servitude.

The worry with some sessions lasting 3+ hours is that it may become stale or that ideas could be exhausted, this was never going to be the case with Goddess Serena, the hours went by like minutes (much to my frustration) and we explored many different aspects of servitude which enhanced my experience even more.

My limits were well and truly pushed, and with an elegance and skill that I doubt could be matched with such ease. With constant challenges to keep me on my toes and experiencing aspects as a submissive for the first time, I was fully focused on trying to impress Goddess Serena throughout.

Having had a particularly challenging past couple of months in my personal life, I can quite honestly say that even though my first and only aim was to serve, I came out of the session with all my feelings of stress and anxiety completely gone, and this was not down to anything other than Goddess Serena’s absolute skill in her art. 

I will no doubt be back in the hope of developing my servitude and would recommend anyone wishing to book a session to go ahead and do it, you will not regret it. “